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Looking for Blackjack Game with the Best Odds? You found it! If you play it right, Blackjack Switch online will give you a superb 99.87% payout. Read more. Play Blackjack Variants | Spanish 21 | Online Blackjack List Read and learn about Spanish 21. Get information on the game, its rules, house edge, super bonus and bonus payouts. Learn How to Play Blackjack | Blackjack Lessons That's just about the best odds on any game as you're likely to find, making blackjack very attractive for those willing to put in just a little bit of work to learn the strategy (a couple of hours or so). Blackjack House Edge | Gaming the Odds Learn all about house edge in blackjack for different rule and shoe variations.

Spanish 21 Blackjack | A Guide to this Exciting Game Variant

Dec 01, 2013 · Are my HE calculations correct? I've always thought that novelty variations on Blackjack were not as good as standard Blackjack and when it comes to the "best" blackjack rules, this appears true. Since I can't afford to play $100 a hand High Limit games to gain that optimal advantage, is it really better to play Blackjack Switch or even Spanish 21? Spanish 21 Blackjack - Payouts, Side Bets and Winning Strategy Spanish 21 Blackjack Game – Rules, Review & Strategy. This is a blackjack variation that got its name because it is played with six or eight Spanish decks – a regular 52 card deck from which the four tens cards are taken out.

Spanish 21 | Online Blackjack Australia

Let's take a look at basic strategy for Spanish 21, as extreme a blackjack game as you're likely to see. Spanish 21 strategy for hard totals. Always stand with totals of 18 or more, and hit with totals of 8 or less. Otherwise use the following strategy: Better Odds Blackjack Or Spanish 21 -

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What Has Better Odds Spanish 21 Or Blackjack. what has better odds spanish 21 or blackjack The truth is that among table games, blackjack has become so popular. This has made it possible for gaming developers to come up with different variations. One of this is the new Spanish 21. Spanish 21 Or Blackjack Which Has Better Odds Spanish 21 Or Blackjack Which Has Better Odds. spanish 21 or blackjack which has better odds Jan 05, 2011 · On this site it states that Spanish 21 has a house advantage .40 %, the best BJ game I can find has a .59 % house advantage. Spanish 21 vs BJ - Blackjack - Gambling - Page 1 - Forums ... Everything I have read, says stay away from Spanish, but w/ a lower house edge could it be a better game ? If you play it like regular blackjack, you'll get killed, but if you take the time to learn the proper Basic Strategy for Spanish 21, it can be a very good game to play.