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Apr 14, 2012 · I was recently showing the house off to a friend who is in construction, and he remarked that the slot in the back of my medicine cabinet is for DE blade disposal--just drop them into the wall! He's demo'd a lot of bathrooms with piles of old razor blades behind the walls from just such a slot…

When the sheathing was off, there were razor blades stacked 2 feet high between two of the studs. Whoever had lived in the next apartment must have lived there for years, and must have been a fresh blade every morning type. They put the medicine cabinet up, and then cut through the wall in the slot. Blade Disposal Slot in the Medicine Cabinet | Page 2 ... Blade Disposal Slot in the Medicine Cabinet. Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Hirsute, Apr 11, 2012. Medicine Cabinet Razor Slot - medicine cabinet razor slot The cabinet then nestles into the cutout, making it nearly flush with the wall.Razor blade slot in medicine cabinet. When done with your razor blades, insert through the hole and they fall down into the wall of the house.

razor blade slots in medicine cabinets razor blade slot in medicine cabinet - there was one in the old house I grew up in. I always wondered where they ended up.Find Great Deals On Medicine Cabinet.

Medicine cabinet slot – he good old-fashioned way. If you still have an old fashioned medicine cabinet in your bathroom, you can use the fun and safe way to get rid of the old blades by shoving them in the razor disposal slot in the cabinet. They then fall into a razor disposal space behind the sink. Medicine cabinet blade slot | Badger & Blade I did a search on 'razor blade banks' and a company called West Coast Shaving sells them for a dollar each. Yeah, I remember having medicine cabinets with a razor blade disposal slot in the back. Haven't seen one in a while, though. the next time I'm at Lowes I'll have to check just for grins.

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Razor blades have a way of making their way out of a trash can. So instead of just tossing them in by themselves, consider putting them in a container withEvery medicine cabinet had a small slot were you would dispose of your single edge double sided razor. It would drop to the bottom of the inside of... Disposal of safety razor blades | Forum - English Forum… Razor blades are not considered "recyclable" as such and therefore should be disposed of in the normal rubbish.They actually drop directly into the wall behind the medicine cabinet usually, not into a container of any sort. How Do You Dispose of Dull Utility Knife Blades? Many old medicine cabinets had a razor blade disposal slot and some of these blades could work their way down into the basement.I tend to just chuck utility blades. But for my safety razor blades I didn’t want them lose in the small bathroom trashcan, so I routed a slit into an altoids can and drop... Feather Blade Disposal Case: Health & Personal… Removes blades safely. Styling razor blade disposal case.It fits well into my medicine cabinet and there is no struggle at all to fit my razors into it. I feel much better having a solution for storing my used blades rather then trying to get them back into their packaging, and then of course forgetting which is...

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Remember those medicine cabinets that had the slot in the back where you could drop your old blades?They come in 3, 4 and 6 blade flavors which all fit the same handle, so you can pick the cheapest that works for you (even the most expensive refills are about $1.50 per cartridge). How to Recycle Razor Blades | RecycleNation How to recycle straight razor blades. Straight razors can be used forever if they are properly cared for. If you are really serious about reducing the amountYou can buy a blade bank online or make one out of an old soup can. Since cans are accepted in most curbside programs, you should be able to... Razor Blades